Sunday 6 December 2009

The poor goblin, who lost his green.

And he knows it.
The first draft of the story is about 75% finished. I'm going for a childrens story-style rhyme. Hopefully I'll get it completed by next weekend and post some sort of preview.

Having a good portion of the story done has allowed me to sketch a few rough ideas of how I imagine the main character will look. Although 2D sketches rarely resemble their 3D counterparts.

I'm starting work on the armature this week, too. I don't get much time to lend my hobby so it's going to be slow progress. Still, I'll try to update at least once a week.

Sunday 29 November 2009

Everything begins with an idea.

I've had an idea for a short animated film floating about in my head and on scraps of paper for a while. What the idea needed was substance. Substance derived from motivation. The aim of this blog is to feed my motivation.

Here begins the making of 'The Goblin Who Lost His Green'.