Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rough Puppet

So, I've had some old liquid latex hanging around for a few years and haven't used it for much - I wasn't overly pleased with my early tests. I thought I'd give it another go and made a basic wire armature, glued bits of foam on and snipped it to shape. I experimented with different wire shapes to make the head able to have moving eyes and mouth. I don't think I have suitable wire for expressive eyebrows and cheeks. I'm fairly happy with how the latex works (esp after about 3 years in storage!!), so I'm leaving this puppet unfinished and starting on a proper one.
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I used a ping pong ball and a piece of wire hooped 4 times - the middle 2 forming the upper and lower lips and the bottom being the chin.

The foam from an ironing board cover works well. I tried polystyrene too (ears). The latex doesn't stick too well to it.

Dipped in latex a few times, then placed some eyes on. Dipped a couple times more. Then slit horizontally across the eyes to create eyelids.

Trousers made from an old black T-shirt but I didn't like em. Off they came.

Jumper made from an old sock. Pose!

I had to trim the ears to half their original size cos they wouldn't fit in the jar I had the latex in. Next time I'll use a wider jar!

I attempted to make hands a few times but they never came out right. I need some thinner wire. I want to avoid the 'giant hands' syndrome.

After a few days the latex had become a bit too stiff, so I may apply less layers next time. The lips and eyebags were coloured with left over latex mixed with a little red pigment and painted on.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Making a fallen tree stump.

Old faithful. Toilet roll tube.
Added polystyrene branch and covered with foil.

Tissue and PVA for the texture and shape.

Painted, with sprouting fledgling branches.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I took time out from everything (plus college was closed due to 'adverse' weather conditions) to build a snowperson and a snowcat. Got some funny looks from passers-by.

A small update.

I've been working on the Flora and Fauna of the goblin world and made this little fella (left pic). A chicken/pigeon/duck. He's 2.5" tall without his feet, so probably 3" complete. The wire armature will run through the body and come out as his lower leg/feet. Tie-downs might be a problem... And also made and painted various size eyes (right pic) from epoxy putty and acrylic paint. Yet to be varnished.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Goblin body sculpt.

Here be the body of poor Goblin. I'm doing the head separately because it's likely to be made from a thin skin of silicone for more elaborate facial expressions, and therefore can't go in the mould with the rest of the body.

The body is sculpted in Chavant clay, which I struggled to make smooth using just my fingers. I also tried water and a cotton bud, with little success. There's probably a solution-solution, but I'm cautious of causing a chemical imbalance that might upset the silicone curability.

He currently stands at 6" tall, exactly. Probably another 2" when the head is attached. Though when cast and complete, he'll slouch in a goblin like pose, reducing him back to around the 6" mark.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Back on track.

It's been a while. I didn't anticipate recent events which have taken up the majority of my time. So, after a house move, a job change and a totally new direction in life (for the better), I'm ready to continue with making, and tracking this short film.

Despite having less than a zero budget, I've invested in some Chavant sulphur-free 'Le Beau Touché', which I believe is a softer version of the regular Chavant NSP, and a trial amount of Dragon Skin FX Pro silicone rubber.

As soon as I have the first sculpt of something that resembles a goblin, I'll post some pictures.