Monday, 5 March 2012

Which Witch??

I was planning on doing another time-lapse drawing, but when I sat down with the paper deciding who to insult attempt, I went into day-dream mode and commenced doodling (like most of us do). Turns out, my inner-self wanted to sketch some witches. Well, that just put me in the mood to get a couple of witch puppets made. Sisters, probably. Cliché, of course.

Here are the roughs:
"Hello boyssss!"

Found some kiddies pencil crayons...

I think I know this person...

The original doodles.

Gonna finalise designs today, so (hopefully) should get the puppets made this week. Progress updates to come...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Time-lapse art.

Inspired by the beautiful, and talented Lana Del Rey.

Biro on paper.

I had to mirror the image because the camera was up-side-down. I'm not actually left-handed. I wanted to try out some time-lapse software, which turned out to be pretty useful :)