Monday, 5 March 2012

Which Witch??

I was planning on doing another time-lapse drawing, but when I sat down with the paper deciding who to insult attempt, I went into day-dream mode and commenced doodling (like most of us do). Turns out, my inner-self wanted to sketch some witches. Well, that just put me in the mood to get a couple of witch puppets made. Sisters, probably. Cliché, of course.

Here are the roughs:
"Hello boyssss!"

Found some kiddies pencil crayons...

I think I know this person...

The original doodles.

Gonna finalise designs today, so (hopefully) should get the puppets made this week. Progress updates to come...


  1. These are just creepy and grotesque....i like the first one, as well as the one with one eye and the knobby head. Oh, and those 'kiddies pencil crayons' are absolutely the best, I would recommend them to ^___^

  2. Beauty is on the inside, no? :) I spent a few extra minutes on the first one - the others were just 1 or 2 minute sketches. I never considered old lumpy as a character to develop, so thanks for the feedback. I think I'll name the top one Kimberly... :)

  3. -.- sure, name it what you want...gah haha

  4. great stuff man!

    cant wait to see..


  5. GREAT bunch of sketches. I like "Gollum-esque" the best!

  6. some awesome characters here, I agree with Elizabeth and like the top one best!......cant wait to see the puppets (:

  7. Justin* Thanks! What's more fun than making ugly witches?! :D

    Elizabeth* Cheers! Sketching nonsense is a great release :)

    Evan* Thank you! I've started on the armature. Finding time is proving difficult at the moment :/ Once she gets outfitted with old rags and a cauldron, she might be looking less like Bilbo's adversary :D