Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rough Puppet

So, I've had some old liquid latex hanging around for a few years and haven't used it for much - I wasn't overly pleased with my early tests. I thought I'd give it another go and made a basic wire armature, glued bits of foam on and snipped it to shape. I experimented with different wire shapes to make the head able to have moving eyes and mouth. I don't think I have suitable wire for expressive eyebrows and cheeks. I'm fairly happy with how the latex works (esp after about 3 years in storage!!), so I'm leaving this puppet unfinished and starting on a proper one.
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I used a ping pong ball and a piece of wire hooped 4 times - the middle 2 forming the upper and lower lips and the bottom being the chin.

The foam from an ironing board cover works well. I tried polystyrene too (ears). The latex doesn't stick too well to it.

Dipped in latex a few times, then placed some eyes on. Dipped a couple times more. Then slit horizontally across the eyes to create eyelids.

Trousers made from an old black T-shirt but I didn't like em. Off they came.

Jumper made from an old sock. Pose!

I had to trim the ears to half their original size cos they wouldn't fit in the jar I had the latex in. Next time I'll use a wider jar!

I attempted to make hands a few times but they never came out right. I need some thinner wire. I want to avoid the 'giant hands' syndrome.

After a few days the latex had become a bit too stiff, so I may apply less layers next time. The lips and eyebags were coloured with left over latex mixed with a little red pigment and painted on.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Making a fallen tree stump.

Old faithful. Toilet roll tube.
Added polystyrene branch and covered with foil.

Tissue and PVA for the texture and shape.

Painted, with sprouting fledgling branches.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I took time out from everything (plus college was closed due to 'adverse' weather conditions) to build a snowperson and a snowcat. Got some funny looks from passers-by.

A small update.

I've been working on the Flora and Fauna of the goblin world and made this little fella (left pic). A chicken/pigeon/duck. He's 2.5" tall without his feet, so probably 3" complete. The wire armature will run through the body and come out as his lower leg/feet. Tie-downs might be a problem... And also made and painted various size eyes (right pic) from epoxy putty and acrylic paint. Yet to be varnished.