Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Goblin

I wasn't happy with the lack of control over detail in the previous attempts so I decided on a different technique. I sculpted a face in plasticine, made an open plaster mould and slush cast a thin latex mask. After dipping the upholstery foam head in latex, I grafted the mask on while the head was still wet. I don't think I have a career in plastic surgery, but it worked ok.

Slightly disturbing!

Mask, mould, sculpt.

Still a bit rough but getting nearer to what I envisaged.

I have to thank Jon for the photo backdrop technique. Cheers, pal :)


  1. Hey Dean! This here goblin is looking brilliant! Looking forward to seeing some test with him

  2. Very kewl puppet Dean !
    The mask idea is great and the results too.
    Do some tests.
    I wanna see him in action !

  3. That looks GREAT man!

    good call on the mask style to get the look you want.


  4. Ben* Hi, mate. Good to see you here. Kind words, cheers. Goblin is waiting patiently to be exploited!

    Vincent* Thanks! The mask experiment worked well. I'm gonna try improve on it for the next puppet.

    jriggity* Capitalising 'GREAT' makes my smile even wider! Thanks.

  5. YES! Seriously brilliant, man! The mask technique is damn clever.

  6. Jon* Cheers, Jon. I'm looking forward to playing with the technique slightly for my next puppet, which will be a bit bigger. It may be a couple of weeks, though. I'm chocabusy at the mo.

  7. Thanks, Andrew. I'm currently in the process of doing some animation tests with him. I should be posting the results over this weekend.