Monday, 20 February 2012

Fantasy Painting

The fisherfrog waits. Patient. Hungry. Alert. Experience tells him, his favourite meal - the cave-dwelling pondpig - cannot, itself, resist the sweet, zesty flavour of the common dusk-faeries. Unmissable as the sun falls, and the day ends, the timid faeries light up the forest floor with a gentle lilac glow. Easy to catch. Easy for bait. However, one bite from these tiny beings can shock a creature 10 times their size into a day-long paralysis. Don't let one sneak up on you...

Acrylics on cheapo (now wrinkly) paper.

In other news, it is the middle (maybe nearing the end) of winter and I find a giant wasp in my workshop (attic)! Is this normal? I have some animating to do this week so it better clear off! Here's a photo of another giant wasp I had in my kitchen a few months ago.

Click to ENLARGE at your own risk...


For anybody that doesn't know Jeff Lafferty - the extremely talented illustrator and artist. And now, stop-motion film-maker. You can read about his exciting new film on its own blog below:

One of the puppets in progress.

But Jeff needs your help. It's not easy making and funding your own film, so he put together a Kickstarter campaign to get things moving. There's not long left, but let's hope for a final push to the goal. You can help him get there if you take a look at the rewards on offer for donating to this fantastic-looking film:

Until next time :D


  1. nice work Dean! and not the painting alone, the story you put into its wicked! Luv the creature lurking in the trees in the background!...a pondpig perhaps? awesome!

  2. Cheers Evan. A pondpig...? I don't know, it's hard to see :D

    I'm not happy about the harsh light around the faeries. It's a lot softer in the painting, but shows up a lot more on screen :/

  3. Thanks for the extra effort, You rock man! Love the painting too!

  4. Cheers, Jeff. Here's hoping a medieval fantasy-loving rich person finds your project in its last few hours :)

  5. Great painting! It really conjures up a little world.

    1. Thanks Jon. I hope this little world can grow to become vast and diverse :)

  6. Great frog character! Lots of depth and drama. Hope your spot and wasps have vanished ;)

  7. Bah! I just deleted the bit about the spot!!! But thanks! :D The frog initially had horns... he looked plain odd. And Mr Wasp 'sadly' passed away - I used Raid on his stripy ass >:D