Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spare Parts.

Unlucky old Rough Puppet had to be stripped down to make new puppets this week. I extracted his eyes and nuts (tie-down nuts!), leaving him in a sorry state. Goblin did his best to console the poor fellow.


  1. Oh that poor puppet!!!

    You really should stock up - a bag of balls (for eyes) and a sack of nuts (!). That way the poor little guys don't need to get ravaged like that!!

  2. Your goblin reminds me of the aliens in the movie "Mac & me" lol

    The new blog header's picture is so awesome Dean !!

  3. Mike* Poor puppet was created for experimental purposes. He's now in the bin, sadly. But he gave birth to new, better puppets! I have plenty of balls, but his were the right size. I need to go get some nuts, though.

    Vincent* I see what you mean about Mac & Me - I think it's the beady eyes and sticky-out ears! Thanks for mentioning the new header. The old one was rather bland. I might change it again when 'Chewie' is complete :D

  4. Ha!

    I too have raided many puppets over the years for parts...


  5. Justin* There's a war between being economical and being compassionate. Saving money always wins! ;)

    Patrick* Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping they get a little crazier when they start to move - goblin, anyway. The other one's had it.