Monday, 10 October 2011

Sculpture - Old Face.

Fancied a bit of sculpting inbetween all the other stuff going on (animateclay quarterly challenge underway!).

Haven't decided if it's an old man or an old woman, but it's definitely old. There are some flaws. Some things I like, some I don't. Sculpted in Chavant NSP Le Beaux Touché - way too soft. It's softer than plasticine.

Yep! Toilet roll tube for a neck.


  1. Love the sculpt. Very odd look to it. I'd say it's an old woman. She reminds me of an old Gypsy fortune teller. It almost looks like a life mask.

    Can't wait to see what you're working on for the quarterly challenge.

  2. Cheers Matt. It's interesting to see the debate of male or female is split about 50/50. I think it's one of them inbetweens!

    Let's see if I can actually finish this challenge.

  3. Excellent sculpting skills, sir! I'm going to say old woman, too. Proud old know-it-all type. Awesome work!

  4. Very very nice sculpted, and yes I would say it's a woman to.

  5. JON* Thanks buddy. Yeah, I see what you mean. You wouldn't mess with her. She'd put you in your place. But, at the same time, she'd offer wise words of advice to help you on your way. The sculpt now has a personality! :D

    Ludo* Cheers pal. People are definitely leaning to the old woman side.

    Thank you for your great feedback guys :)

  6. Really looks realistic Dean! Well done :)

  7. I'm in absolute awe of your work - always was, and still am. Can't believe you've kept it up, but thank god you have. Talent like that shouldn't be wasted. Kudos :) x

  8. Hmmmmmm... Thank you, mystery fan :D

    I'm gonna have an educated stab-in-the-dark, and ask, is that Carrie? I'm sorry, if not (though I'm about 78% sure). This is the only place I can ask 'cos I can't find any other point of contact.

  9. If you're stabbing around in the dark, you're going to poke someone's eye out, or worse... ;) In which case, I feel quite sorry for Carrie if that's your intention to her... lol x

  10. Wow, this is so cool.... first time seeing your blog, and I must say it's very nice! :)

    1. Thanks, welcome and thanks :D